Girls , guy... what I should to do with my comlecated satution? " trans man per every thing like a girl "?

Hello every one... actually I am ftm transman pre Testastron... but I have medical report that I should do the sugary... physically I am extrem masculine but still I didn't fully came out if I am in college I try to hid some aspect but still I have masculinity but I do that cuz I am in middle east " I am Saudi but I am study in Bahrain " so the case is more comlecated that u. s. a of Europe , I in period of time I notice a girl " she quite and pretty " and I feel she is look at me too but I don't know I might be imagine or something like that... but I notice some movement from her friend that show that she is Wana talk with me but competed to other guys in the college I look like not man lol. ... but I don't know I got wired feeling toward her... there is many things happen... I try to sit in the class in chair close to her... she suddenly change her place but at the same time she was in a pose that she can see me... next class I got chance to talk with her and her friend she wasn't talk with me like her friend she was silent until I said can you give me ur study plan she said OK , in the end of the class she look like stone and give me the perper and I was kind of frustrated.. and I think she is feeling wired to her cuz I am muscling so she might be think I am lisbean and she don't want that and try to avoid these issue. .. as I told u she give me the plan to use it and she said " excuse me when u finish can u turn it back to my note I said OK and she go out side the class to talk with her friends when I finished I saw her and I smile to her and she simle to me back and her friend still watch me.. next day which is to day I came to class I was in the class to wait the doctor until he come and she was with other friend and she didn't give me any of eye contact or singe or hi at least I was tend to say hay but when I saw her like that I live her... but still I am thinking how to tel


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  • Hey, are you saying that she's avoiding you because she thought you're a lesbian but you're already a transman? Are you asking how you could tell her what you feel towards her?

    • I am transman " I have gender Identify disorder which mean my brain is male brain but my body biologically female " I didn't start hormones therepy " but I go out as guy because I build my body but in the collage still the people identify me as " just extrem boyish female " and I think she see me as the same way... in middle east few of people understand the case they are consider it as taboo

    • Yes how I can tell her... and I don't know whether to tell her or not cuz it's risky... my family don't Wana any one knows about me... that why I try to hide my Identity in my collage

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