I think I'm scared of white girls particularly?

Seriously, they're the only type of girl I seem to be too afraid to actually talk to, unless I only see them as a friend. Why? Why is that? Maybe it's bad experiences, do you think that might be why?


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  • Are you scared that they're feminists?


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  • Even as a white guy, I can see why you might be scared. I'll admit this right off the bat: White girls seem to be the most paranoid and snobby out of every race. Most of them are offended if you approach them. I've had better responses from Latina or Black girls, but White girls seem to be off-putting.

    • That's what it might be, I think.

    • @Asker Yeah, pretty much every white girl I approach (and many of my friends would agree) say "EWW, you're a creeper" or some other ridiculous, paranoid crap.

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  • Maybe but I think there might be other reasons tho


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  • It's your own anxiety because you must have a preconceived notion of what white girls act like or want...
    Women are women... Think of their skin as you would food coloring... If I make vanilla icing red, it still tastes just like vanilla icing!

    • Actually no, it won't, as it turns out we perceive how things taste in part due to their coloration. If strawberries were blue, for instance, you'd perceive them as tasting differently.

    • Well then it would seem that the only option left is to shut your eyes.

    • Sorry if I'm being facetious ,:)

  • this makes no sense, unless you find them intimidating just because of their skin color, which is ridonculous.


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