We haven't kissed yet, is he shy?

I've been dating this guy for about 3 weeks, we have seen each other 2 times. 3rd date is tomorrow. It is definitely in romantic interest for both of us, but we haven't even kissed yet. We have hugged. We chat and talk on Skype everyday, and he talks about how he can't wait to see me and hug me. A lot. =) I can't wait to see him too! I'm just a little confused by the thing that we haven't kissed yet. I'm assuming that is not entirely normal by the end of date nr. 2. Is he shy? Should i be more aggressive? He is 7 years older (I'm 20, he is 27), has more experience, so i'm afraid that i will come off as.. loose if i show too much affection/aggression. I want to push this further, but dont know where the line is.. :/

Could it be he is just a shy type, and i should let him pace it as he pleases? =)


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  • it sounds like he's shy. You can wait until he musters up the courage to do it himself, or you could make the first move. As a shy guy myself, I would've loved if some of the girls I have dated would've made the first move, it takes a lot of pressure off the situation. However, that's just my own experience, everyone's different.

    Girls worry way too much of coming off as "loose" or "slutty" to guys. Honestly a girl making the first move comes off as confident, and, speaking for myself is a major turn on.

    • Okay, thank you. I will (try) to turn on the charm then! :P

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  • Maybe he's just taking it slow because he isn't sure what you want as yet.. Embrace it, there will soon be a time when all y'all will do when you meet is make out. Haha

    • And i can't wait. I think i have a little crush on him. Just a little. :P Thank you!

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  • c'mon on now...3 weeks is very early... it needs some more time :)

    • Really? Thank you. I dont have that much experience myself. :P

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  • 3 weeks is a bit early but the kiss should happen this date or the one after if he doesn't do it then you do it.


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