Can multi dating be overwhelming?

So most of the dates I've gotten have been from dating sites and apps and when I use them, I try to keep my options open because I can only imagine the girl is seeing/talking to many other guys on those sites too. That being said when does it become too much when you're multi dating? Like how many is too many when you're multi dating?

The he reason I do it is not only because the girl has other opportunities but you don't know how it'll end with them. That being said I feel at times multi dating can be confusing because you have different traits with each women that you like better than others.

Unfortunately though with keeping my options open, I've met over 30+ women off those sites and not one of them has led to a relationship. Now there have been ones interested in dating further, I just didn't like them back.

Overall, how many is too many when multi dating? And is it possible that if I multi date too many then I stretch myself too thin and lose all my prospects?


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  • Multi-dating can be tricky since you never pay attention to one specific person. Instead you keep chasing many women hoping that you can land on a date. I don't see how that can be a successful method for some people but w. e.


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  • It can.. That said, it's more fun than overwhelming


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