Is it just me or do black men cheat and play games to much?

So in every relationship I been in with a black man I got hurt, its either they say im cheating or playing games. When there the ones cheating like they'll be texting other girls telling you they love you and telling the same to another girl but they get mad when we leave them or they say anything to get in your pants. Why specially the young African American guys in Philadelphia and you cannot say im racists because im black ans puerto rican.


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  • This has also been the experience of myself and many of the females I know.
    I always say "once you go black, you turn and run as fast as you can"

    (* Granted there are bound to be some out there who are awesome guys, just in my experience they have been generally more aggressive, physically and sexually. They don't seem to care about our sexual gratification or comfort. It's enjoyable to them when we are in pain. and there is a general disrespect for you as a human. )

    • I could say the same about white girls LOL

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    • lol of course she chose the one person in the question who agrees with her

    • "lol of course she chose the one person in the question who agrees with her"

      LOL, of course she WOULD chOOse the one person in the COMMENTS who agrees with her.

      Or... Maybe it was just the most helpful to her. Since she was saying "is it just me or do black men cheat..." and my response expressed to her that she was not alone in her believe, and had justified situational reasoning.

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  • You either have bad taste in picking guys or have just had bad luck so far. The quality of a man has nothing to do with skin color or any other innate feature which we have no control over. Try dating the black guys who are actually trying to better themselves instead of the ones you've been choosing which are probably the borderline thugs and womanizers.

    • True I always choose the thugs

    • Well there's your problem. How can you expect a guy who doesn't even want to better himself, to somehow treat you right.

      I understand thugs can be alluring because they mastered the art of "game" and telling women exactly what they want to hear, but you need start training yourself to see past the bullshit, and the best way to do that is to follow their actions, not the words that come out of their mouth.

    • Yeah

  • It's not the color of the men you're dating... It's the quality.

  • Oh yeah you're completely right!
    I mean... it's not like you keep going for the same idiots that treat you badly, it has to be the whole race.

    • I didn't say the whole race

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    • @Toad-1

      I don't see how she doesn't realize it.

    • Made a simple mistake okay stfu

  • You just have bad taste. Nothing to do with the colour of their skin.

  • I feel the same about a lot of black girls ^_^

  • You're probably dating stupid men who happen to be black. Try going after men with higher intelligence

  • Yeah. White men don't cheat


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  • Well all black guys aren't the same just like all white or Mexican guys aren't the same they have their different personalities and i think you should look at it that way. But that's your opinion anyways


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