Why do some people think that there is inequality in dating?

in my opinion, inequality in that regard would be that some people don't have a choice in what they want or they're forced to something against their will while others don't have to suffer in the same way.

It seems like a lot of guys tend to selfishly think that because women don't approach them or they haven't heard of women approaching men, the dating world is unequal. They don't understand about preferences.

Why do some people think this (do you think)?


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  • ha... some people just wanted to have it their way and only obviously :)

    • Exactly. So annoying. I'm sorry that the guy may not be as handsome/athletic or have a great status like other guys, but that does't mean that there is something unequal going on.

    • Hey, I'm not handsome, this girls revealed secret so I am not handsome, so I have to go to market and buy beutyful girls like" hey girls 1$,2$,10$ come on come on even 100$"

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  • Me are men and women are women. We are different. A man shouldn't be irresponsible or passive. He needs to take life on. He should be the one taking the initiative.

    A woman shouldn't ask a man out. That lessens her value. She should be fought for and worked for.

    If you think it is elsewise, you will be sadly disappointed in the value you garner.

    • I completely disagree with that viewpoint. If you're traditional, that is fine. Good for you. But I wouldn't ever impose my beliefs on wo/men (unless if they're completely reprehensible... like cheating). I don't prefer when a man expects me to approach him, I find it a bit pathetic/weird, but I'm not going to degrade or belittle him because of how I prefer my men,

      It's your opinion though we disagree.

    • No. I can understand where you are coming from. I was young once too. But there are facts of life entangled within the roles we take in selecting our partners. Here is the crux. A man will gravitate back to those traits that make him a man. The traits he can't or doesn't want to assume, make him a poor husband and father and a poor partner.

      It is likewise for a woman.

      What you will find is that you by trying to impose your views on the nature of what we are, you will lose those attributes that a man values. You will lose value. Later in life you will see this. You won't like it but you will see it.

  • I agree, but women shouldn't complain that guys they think are hot don't approach them.

  • I think there are still double standards that exist for both men and women in dating. Yeah it's true that the majority of women still desire to be approached but the way I see it is that if we truly want something in life we have to work towards it. If we don't then someone else will and we will lose our opportunity. This goes for men and women. We can't complain about being single if we never take any risks.

    • I don't think that's a double standard at all. It's a preference. If I was told with absolute certainty that I won't ever get a man unless if I approach one, I would start turning to women then. I'm not going to approach a guy--ever. It's not something I'm into nor do I want to do. It's my preference.

      I do agree that people shouldn't complain if they don't want to step out of their comfort zone though.

  • They don't generally mean legal inequality (at least not they say that), they mean that the ease with which people date is not universally the same, and that they think it's easier for one sex/gender/group on average.

  • I think girls generally have a much easier time getting casual sex (If she actually wants casual sex).

    Guys typically lower their physical standards for casual sex so it really isn't hard for a girl to meet those standards if she just wants someone to sleep with her. Girls in my opinion have higher physical standards for hookups so it's generally harder for a guy to meet those standards.

    For relationships I do think there is more expectation on guys to do the approaching. Like obviously he doesn't HAVE to but the typical guy isn't going to be approached too often so it's either approach or stay single. I think on average girls get approached more but a lot of the guys approaching her just want sex so if she wants something serious thwn that doesn't really do her much good.

    So when it comes to finding a long term relationship with the right person then I think it's more or less even.

  • Yes, I agree people have there own preference.
    But inequality in datingf it is happening in dating but they are not asking to equality so NP😊

    • How is that happening? There aren't any forced roles in the West.

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    • That must be in the East and some parts of the West, but the majority of us leave it up to the individuals to decide their own roles/wants.

    • O... really!
      Then it is nice😊

  • If women aren't approaching then men are force to do so.

    • No one's putting a gun to your head forcing you to approach and no one should approach when they don't have to. There's not excuse.

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    • And who is saying I don't approach women? Not me. I don't know why you are saying I don't approach women.

    • Other is no force. You guys choose to do it. Just because it is not weighted in your favor does not mean you are forced to do it. That is infantile selfish thinking.

      What is with a lot of you guys and your biased perspectives that you're trying to pass off as fact? Some women who don't approach do it because they don't want to... some because of rejection. Simple.

      Your foolish example is not one that a lot of women who approach men do. They simply flat out ask him. You don't have a vagina. Seriously shut the fuck up in trying to tell us what we do when you're irrationally not seeing the other possibilities. I deal with fools from your gender on a daily basis and its pathetic because finding one with a shred of rational logic is like finding a needle in a haystack.

      Finally, no one said YOU specifically didn't approach women. It was meant to be read "you guys".

      I have a very low tolerance for stupidity and you're near it due to your arguments being asinine/biased.

  • Because 90% of girls not approaching and paying in the dates.
    what it exactly means

    • That has zero to do with inequality and everything to do with preference and the misuse of the word equality. A lot of you guys seem to be ignorant. Just because it is not weighted in your favor does not mean it is unequal. You can't force people to approach others when they don't want to.

    • That means if no one approached you in your whole life then you will happy

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