Girl has committal issues?

This girls I know is notorious for being aloof with guys. She has said before anyone who tries to date her is screwed and that she is non committal right now. As of late I have wanted to ask her out but I'm unsure if she is damaged or what the deal is. What should I do?


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    This is the type of female who is going to make you pay a tremendous emotional, mental, and spiritual cost to experience her presence. Or in other words, you'll have to deal with a heart you didn't break. You'll have to deal with the ripple effect of a heart you didn't heart. That's not fair. Chances are, your time together will be diluted, wasted, and unitilized with her 'woe is me. I can't get over my former troubles. I'm afraid of love' bullsh*t.

    To each is his own, but I think that ish is annoying and people need to get it together before they bring baggage into the lives of others who haven't hurt them.


What Guys Said 1

  • oh well... if many people say it... y u still have yer doubts then? :)

    • I'm just unsure what her saying all of this means. Is she sad?

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