Is it normal if my girlfriend does not say that she loves me as much she used to say?

I do say I love her while we go offline but she just texts me 'BYE and GN' ..
Is it normal?


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  • at least she isn't lying to you. it could be way worse, she could say it and not mean it. honesty is the best policy

    • So why doesn't she be more 'HONEST' by saying that she doesn't love me anymore and just breakup with me? -_-

    • It may not be that she doesn't have feelings for you she must really like you if you are still together but love is not always something easy to say especially if you don't mean it. Just because she doesn't "love" you doesn't mean she doesn't care for you.

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  • but she still loves you right?
    When you're in love, you say 'you're beautiful, gn my cupcake, whatever'
    But after a while... being in love (hopefully) becomes love
    I think it's normal... acitons speak louder than words though


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  • after some point...2 many "i luv u"s would sound fake ;)


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