What is the difference between a date and just the first time get together with a friend?

Im always confuse as to if I hang out with a friend for the first time since we met it is a date or just hang out. BVecaue depending on that I think people need to know who pays for what or who invites who or each pay on their own


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  • There is no difference if even one of them has a romantic interest

    • So no difference on who pays what?

    • if you are just hanging out, you could each pay or if the man wants to be gallant he picks up tab. If he asked you to come he picks up tab

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  • There is no actual difference, especially in the first dates.

    • So it could happen that the guy may want to pay or each one pay on their own and no problem at all?

    • Payment has nothing to do with it. Men and women are both capable of paying for themselves in every case.

    • But I mean in the case the guy wants and desires to pay for te lady meal it won't be a problem if the man do it so, regardless if they are friends or already a couple

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  • There isn't set rules... Each guy has his own plans, view, way of doing things.

    Just ask.

  • each their own ALWAYS ;)

    • but what is the difference

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    • I guess it is just a matter if the guy wants to pay for her and invite her it be ok too just let the woman let him do it and no problem.

    • Yup... i believe this should 've been abolished in our days anyway ;)

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