I need help! Unwanted friend coming to the movies?

My friend and I are taking these two girls we like to the movies. One of their friends asked to come so they said yes. We were trying to find someone to go with her so she wouldn't be a fifth wheel. We asked another guy if he wanted to go. He said yes. Once the girl found out what movie we were going to see she didn't want to go. I asked him to not come but he said no. And he wants to sit by the girl I like (who doesn't know yet). he already knows the time and place. What do I do because she wants to sit by the other girl and I was gonna sit on the other side of her. appearantly she promised he could sit by her. Im paying for her to go i should get to sit by her. I told him he couldn't go and she said I was mean. what do I do.


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  • You're screwed bro. Your friend just pulled a maximum level block on you, and there's nothing you can do. Honestly, the girl knows your paying for her she knows what you think of her at least slightly... Now if he tried to purchase the ticket and she says okay, you've lost round one...
    I say just sit next to her anyway and mock him. But honestly if she picks him then she picks him not much to say there


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  • just go and sit by her.


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  • She doesn't mind not sitting next to you?

    If this was a date to you, it sure doesn't sound like she thinks it's a date. Either she thinks you're just treating her, or she's using you for a free movie.

  • just tell him to fuck off lol.

    • I already tried that's

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