This guy I like, liked me but I didn't realize I liked him and then he went out with another girl and now I think he likes me again but I'm not sure?

So this guy I like well...
he used to like me and I didn't want to like him at the time, like, I put myself off boys and made myself think I hated him so I was really mean to him (HATE myself for it 😭😭)
He went out with another girl when I came to my senses and I realized how amazing he was and it hurt so see him with someone else
They broke up a while ago. But now he is acting like he likes me:
his friends all say ask him out hell say yes, he kept doing a hand shake with me with a hand hold in it, he wanted to move to sit next to me in one of the classes
I don't know if its just bleh but I think he likes me. I don't know what to do. I have been giving boys a rest for 2 years now and I love being single, I am really shy around boyfriends usually I don't know why I thought I was normal, but I can't even go over to him, another problem I hate and makes it really awequard. I just have to man up tho. I also am not sure I want a boyfriend, but I kinda so, it should be really nice to have someone care for me, unrelated to me and not just a friend. But I don't know? Help! please answer both problems :s !


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  • just man up!


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