Do I ask her out in person or by text?

Let me stop you right there!
Of course I know in person is 100 times better BUT!

The only time I see her in person is at work, Which is a busy shop envioment which could be quite embarissing on both parts, I also try to keep personal stuff away from work, I don't want her to feel like she can no longer come into the store, because I might ask her out again or something like that. So I'm trying to keep personal stuff away from work.

Which then creates the problem that's the only place I see her, I do have her number but we have only just started texting, I think the whole idea might be a mistake/ desarster waiting to happen,

Key points
We have only just started texting,
Want to keep work and personal stuff separate.
Hardly know her.

Your thoughts?
Well it didn't go to plan, she came in with a friend, had a lot of customers in the que, so I didn't ask her, I stupidly sent her a text shortly after, and i've heard nothing back, but it does normally take her a while to text back, and she did say she was on an early shift tomorrow so she might have went home got ready for tomorrow and went to bed.

If I haven't heard anything in 24/48 hours then I have my answer.
She replied saying "yeah maybe we could grab some friendly drinks" well it's a start I guess, considering don't really know her


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  • Try to find out something she's interested in. Something she really REALLY likes. Bring that up in conversation. See how she responds to you communicating with her in general. Is she flirting? Does she hold eye contact? Is she trying to get away from you? Pay attention to those things before you just go for the gusto!

    • Both like Animals, we both appear to like paint-balling. the problem is, when you pay at a til, it generally doesn't matter how much fun your having, 9 tines out of 10 you always try to leave after you have paid for your stuff, so that's generally not a good example for me to go by.

      our encounters are always so short it's hard to pick up on any of that to a degree. I mean she gave me her correct number, must count for something right XD

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    • it's something we can do it;s just trying to find the right moment to ask her

    • Is there any type of event coming up at your local zoo? If so, that would be a great opportunity. If not, just mention that you were thinking about going to the zoo soon. See how she responds to it. If she lights up, ask her to go with you! If she's like oh ok, cool, maybe still talk about it but don't seem desperate for her to go with you.

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  • Ask her to just hang out after you guys get off of work and see how it goes from there.


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  • I would call her. Don't text it. I hate when men ask me out via text. For the first time mostly... after you've been dating a while that's fine but the first date? Definitely phone over text. In person at work is awkward, you're right. I vote phone call. :) Good luck!! If she gave you her number and you've been texting I say that's a glaring green light!

  • I would ask her out in person. It's more personal and shows how much you like her.

    • So you wouldn't see it as that person being unprofessional. Say you went into I don't know Tesco's as an example, you have been texting one of the workers there and all of a sudden he ask's you out, whist serving you with say 2-3 other people in line, and most likely his colleagues around? and what happens if you said no, would you then avoid that tesco's?

      P. s I don't work in tesco's just using it as an example as I do work in retail

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    • Then just do it in line. Or tell her you have something to ask her. I think you're making it more difficult than it really is.

    • I probably am I have a tendencie to do things the hard way XD

  • personally, I would text her and ask if you can talk to her after work and then ask her out in person

    • Problem is with that I don't normally finish till late, and he normally comes in sort of mid- day ish. would be a bit off an ask to make her just turn up after work. Actually. I have just had an idea...

      I could text her saying, i'll grab your shopping for you (it's normally a weekly order so simple enough) and I'll get it with my discount, if your happy to come by about 8:30 when i've finished to collect it. then I can ask her out face to face, with no one else around!

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    • Although a work colleague just mentioned her saying she's a lesbian, and there is sort of some evidence poiting towards that! 😂 guess I'll find out in due course

    • Oh that's a plot twist! Ah well it's worth a try:)

  • by text in this case.


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