Should I call him or be patience?

(I really need serious advice on this)

I have been talking to this guy for two months now and lately I haven't seen him and hardly talk to him. Last week I called him and asked him if he wanted to hang out and he told me he was hanging out with his sister, I was bummed but I just told him okay. So that Wednesday I called him to see if wanted to hang out he told me that he doesn't get out of classes until 4 and then that he was going to the new Brewery with his sister. At that point I was mad but I didn't let him know that but the reason why I was because at that point haven't hung out with since the semester ended. The first week we both were busy studying for finals. Then next week he was still had finals and he was going to start his summer classes so we haven't spend time with each lately and it's really getting to me. I found by a mutual friend the reason why him and his sister spending time together because they couldn't because of her schedule. So on Monday I swallow my pride and call him and he what he has been doing he told me he was at his sister house. Now I'm really mad I just told him I'll let him go then I hung up. I don't why he with sister a lot. Last Thursday I called him and ask him if he was still interested in me and still like me and he told me he was and I asked him if wanted to continue things and he told me do if that's all right with me. But still I haven't talk to him and I miss him but I don't know what to do he said he busy with his son and school and I want to call him right now but today is Thursday and he has his son from Thursday through Sunday and I don't know what to do he told me if it was interested he would tell me and also I thought he was interested or if he was talking to someone else why would he keep me on facebook and he hardly ever gets online now. I'm just confused on what to do, I miss talking to him. If it matter he is 33 and I'm 24.
I really need advice on this


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  • It sounds like he's not really interested in you. You have asked him multiple times to hang out and he has said no each time. I think you should stop naking an effort.. Tbh I think you're wasting your time

  • Just be patient!


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