Analyze my situatuon and tell me what to do and if it is appropriate?

Boy I like drove me home once and never really offered me a ride the last two times he had the chance to. He stares at me a lot at school. Even though he stares at me I figure he may just be friendly as well not that he wants to date me or anything or maybe he does I don't know. But basically my parents are going on their honeymoon for three days sat.-mon. And I need someone who will let me stay at their house Sunday night and drive me to school Monday morning for exams. My friends all bailed on me should I ask him since he kind of is my last hope and I think he seems pretty responsible anyways like he's never pulled anything weird on me and my mom said she's cool if I ask him. Should I just ask if he can drop me off Monday mirning or is it too weird to ask if I can stay the night at his house?


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  • Yes, you should ask him.


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