Is our casual thing going to a deeper level?

- We've been on 5 dates already. We meet at least once a week.
- Had sex too, slept on his place once and before that we were together almost the whole day.
- He's telling me his personal things (Work, family, brief history of his past relationships)
- He doesn't pick me up nor drop me home.
- We don't message everyday. I dont want to be clingy.
- We are not flirty/touchy in public but if we are alone, he initiates.
- Telling me future plans like we can go to some places.

Is this normal in casual dating and that I should not assume too much that we are going in a deeper level?


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  • 5 dates is nothing. that's not deep enough for anything. dont define ur relationship by number of dates. u need time. lots of time. id still say its very casual.


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  • Noo, thats everything is normal but in my opinion you had sex a little early. So how is that happen that early?

    • Im reading blogs and it says if a guy only wants casual, he won't share his personal things to avoid emotional attachment. Yeah, on 3rd date we had sex, last one was on the 5th, 2 rounds and it was sweeter.

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