Don't Want To Date Her?

Guys. Is it possible for you to really really like a girl as a friend, enjoying talking to her and find her attractive and pretty, but somehow don't want to date her?

She doesn't become a monster when being a girlfriend but somehow you just can't match as a couple. Is it possible? What is it like?

Thanks heaps!


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  • I am friends with someone I met in California. We had no problem with communication and our interests were the same. I never dated her because she had a problem with lying, and her family was strong-arming me into making the decision to date her. Both of those reasons together (mostly the lying), made me avoid a relationship.

    There may be something about you that turns him off about dating, but otherwise he loves spending time with you. If you want to be more than friends, it's best to ask what is going on or if he's interested in dating. Be prepared for good or bad news though. :)


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  • Good question. My latest crush said that while we're great friends, he didn't think of me as more than a friend. *sigh*

  • Yes, friendship is possible if you don't lead her on and tell her the truth. One of my guy friend like me as a friend and I know he won't change his mind about it. So I'll settle for friendship.