Is it normal to have lost attraction to White girls?

I have lost attraction to White girls because a lot of them are rude, obnoxious, disrespectful, crude, and ungrateful. I was utterly surprised by the amount of gratitude that I received from women in the Asian and South American countries. They respected me a lot. Any White man from the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, etc, will notice this very quickly when visiting these countries. But is it normal to have lost attraction?

This was just a test. I only date White girls.


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  • Well with white women I HAVE noticed a pattern in their personalities when it comes to finding middle ground with the opposite gender. They often think one-sidedly in MY opinion and refuse to see the other side and this can result going full momentum in the wrong direction. This can often put them in a position of victimization, in MY opinion-and it's NOT about physical strength either.

    In fact the whole mankind is under a kind of siege because we seem to be running around like blind mice. Literally, something can happen for the unaware by forces not known to us.

    • Exactly. A lot of White men incl. me have noticed that with dating a White girl, it's all about "her her her", and to even ask for reciprocation is tantamount to misogyny and oppression in their minds.

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    • ... of possibilities that you can experience, but YOU make that choice.

    • I'm not saying YOU make that choice but the word 'Experience' is key...

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  • No, it says to me that women in more developed countries, where they aren't sold off as wives, won't put up with you. It says you prefer your women to be subservient to men. It also says that you view people and judge them by the colour of their skin as you're tarring white women and Asian women with just two brushes.

    • I didn't go to these countries to "buy up" women. I actually visited them for the cultural enrichment in order to understand the world better but what comes with that experience is meeting the women of said countries, and to my surprise they were a lot different to the women back home. They were respectful, kind, and grateful. Something that is lost in White females.

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    • You haven't criticised me and you still refuse to actually engage in debate, because you don't want one... You just want people to agree.

      I'm extremely bored of you now so I won't be replying further. You're just repeating yourself and it's dull.

    • Basically you have no argument. Adios.

  • That explains the question you asked about white women being jealous of Asian women. You've generalised the experiences you've had with a few white women to them all, and it's not helpful. Not all of them are like this. If you're no longer attracted to them, then that's fine, just don't generalise.

    • Generalisations and stereotypes exist for a reason, itsallover. A lot of marriages for example in the USA are with foreign women. Perhaps we ought to ask the question in the Anglosphere; "Why?" Instead of calling these men "weak", and "virgins".

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    • No, I'm black, so don't use the jealousy argument on me. I said they're SEEN as submissive, not that they ARE. There's a difference

    • I tendn't listen to the American stereotypes of non-White women. I went to these countries purely for the cultural enrichment, but was amazed by the way women conducted themselves. Yes, they're very submissive, but that quality made me respect them a lot more.

  • -.- #generalisation101 you haven't met them all have u?

    • Generalisations exist for a reason though. They exist because most of the time the generalisation is proven to be correct.

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    • Are you implying that you're a decent White girl?

    • im not 'white' to begin with. i dont have to be something to speak up for it. that entire comment was about generalisations, not white girls-.-

  • Generalizations are horrible, don't do that. However that's just your preference, nothing wrong with it. By the way, grateful for what exactly? I'm sensing some sexism here.

    • For the help I gave them. They reciprocated in many ways, for example, a South American girl made me a nice dinner one night after I had fixed some stuff for her around the house. It made me drop my jaw.

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    • Unfortunately, it's not coincidental or anecdotal. You'll find that it's a societal problem. I really don't hate my own women. I have just lost attraction. A lot of White men are feeling the same way. Even my friends who would have never considered trying to date outside of their race, but now are, and have, and were quite surprised to see how nice it was and is.

    • very good point stardust. @Asker i hope you're listening man...

  • Your previous questions that you have ask states that you are a troll... Please move on with your life

    • People change.

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    • Work environments tend to change you. Then, you remember your travelling days. Savvy?

    • Weirdo!!!

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  • Wow you actually came up with a new way of praising Asians. Very interesting

    • My praise should be welcomed with open arms. The cultural enrichment I received in the Asian nations was overwhelming. The gender relations are not harmed in any way. Men and women work together in harmony. Something that's lost in Western nations.

  • well your reasoning isn't all that sound to me tbh. It's unlikely that you've even met 1% of the white girls that live on the planet, yet you've already come to the conclusion that they're all rude and obnoxious xD Whatever floats your boat buddy

  • White females aren't "women" any more. They have become men. Your lost attraction for them is therefore natural.

  • If you are not into them it is fine but don't generalise because you can't say that all are bad.

  • You're not really seeking an answer. You want to convey that you're upset with a group of people.

    What are the individual situations that made you feel this way? What did or didn't some particular white women do? Is it possible you misinterpreted something, and are making things out worse than they are?

    Bad luck and bad circumstances get everybody down, and I understand wanting to vent when it seems like all of a group of people are against you, but the white girls who are receiving your criticisms here aren't the ones who caused your problems.

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