Girls, how long does the staring game last (u stare at a guy he stares at u ) read details?

This guy doesn't approach u during that when do u stop staring at him?
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  • Depends if I think he is a creep I try to avoid to stare at him but if I am attracted to him I keep trying to lock eyes to let him know that he can approach me :)

    • a girl kept staring but i showed no interest.. we locked eyes during a month 6 times and after that i never approached her although at the beginning she was the one who approached me and it went cool but after that i didn't say hi or anything..

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    • She thinks you are not interested... And she is embarrassed now since she tried to talk to you and made the first move. I would feel the same tbh. If you like now it's your turn to approach her. :)

    • I guess its true :)

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What Girls Said 6

  • Staring game?
    When people did that at school, I just smiled and waved haha. I had no idea it was flirting, so definitely not even a day!
    Just approach her!

    • Same here. It didn't hit me that that was flirtation until... well, it wasn't quite a date, but the first time I ever hit the "we are mutually interested in each other" point with a guy.

  • If he just stares and never approaches me, it ends after the first session.

    • Damn , so fast

    • Yeah I don't play games. If someone doesn't indicate enough interest for me I move on.

  • I usually stare at people that I hate to try and pop their skulls like balloons.

  • Depends on if he has the balls to do something about me returning his stair ;D

    • Lol nothing beats approaching

  • This question is nonsence. Stupid n silly.

    • Our experiences vary also our levels do , check ur typos.

    • Wait just stare till ur eyes bleed lol maybe she will come n help. Dang just talk to the girl if u like her.

  • i usually stare at people more once they stop staring because i want to get their attention


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