Should I choose my first crush or my second crush? Please explain my crushes' behaviour as well because their signals are confusing?

I kinda ruined my friendship with my first crush by sharing on Instagram about a story I wrote of me and him. I really regret it as I like him a lot and I remember how his friends would tease the two of us whenever he happily sees or greets me which was what made me confident he likes me. He has given so many signals and when he's not around, his friends show respect towards me and once called me his girlfriend which freaked me out as I was sure none of them know about my feelings for him back then. It is funny to me as well that his classmates, mainly the girls, know my name but I don't know them. His sister got me to put the Instagram post down and he messaged me that he was uncomfortable about it but wasn't angry. The next day, he ignored me. Soon, we began ignoring each other up to this day. Yesterday, I gave him an apology letter for ignoring him and I hope for a response from him but he hasn't given any. He still gave signs of interest towards me after the incident (as observed by my close friend). Should I bother trying still?

I also have a second crush who suddenly socialised more with me on that day itself after the letter was given. Though I know my first crush had shared with his friends about the Instagram incident and the letter but for some reason, this second crush isn't aware at all about this situation despite the fact that he and my first crush are rather close (since all three of us are from the same club in school). When I looked at my first crush, he seemed jealous and asked who I was gazing at. His first sign of interest was tapping me on the shoulder unlike my first crush who has never touched me before. What makes me feel weird is that my first crush would observe me whenever I'm with my second crush, communicating or looking at him. What could this mean?
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I forgot to mention that the one time my first crush doesn't show interest/jealousy was when I gave his friend chocolate as a thank you gift though he kept staring at me and looked away after I embarrassed myself for getting his friend's name wrong. I can obviously notice him trying not to laugh. This was already after the incident. He just clapped at his friend's face and got slapped 😂

Also my second crush almost hit me with his kendama but seemed happy that I was watching him play it.


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What Guys Said 2

  • U should go for ur second crush cause if u really liked ur first crush u wouldn’t have fallen for other people

  • I think first crush honestly because he seems interested in you and just felt awkward at the instagram post. No offense but maybe he felt you were too clingy? I think that if he seems jealous, then he likes you. And the second crush that kinda happened a bit too suddenly in my opinion and I feel as if he knows about the first crush stuff but pretends not to. Choosing both is always a bad choice. So my first choice would be first crush if that works out. If not go with neither. I just don't think the second crush is all that interested, though I may be wrong.


What Girls Said 1

  • If the first one doesn't get back to you go for the second one but I feel you should give the first guy s little time.

    • Thank you very much for the advice! I'll be patient with my first crush then.

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