He hasn't "read" my Facebook message?

So I started sleeping with this guy about 2 weeks ago. On two weekends now we've hooked up. So after the first time he messaged me and asked for my number which is what led to the next hook ups.

We were drunk a few nights but I asked if it was cool if I messaged him to hang out (aka have sex) and he said absolutely. So yesterday afternoon I messaged him casually, asking him when I could bring by a sweater he lent me.

That was yesterday afternoon and even though he's been online, he supposedly hasn't even read my message... I don't know about you but that's kinda suspect to me.

I'm not mad but he must have definitely seen that I reached out to him right? Also next time we run into each other when out should I leave this all alone? I'm not going to bitch him out since he's not my boyfriend but sorry I expect you to answer a message if you want to have sex with me...

Also please no answers about suspecting I have feelings. Again I'm not mad but just trying to see his point of view and if you think I'm losing self respect by hooking up with him again


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  • You're just his fuck buddy.. a girl on the side. This just proves it if he can't have the decency to even reply. It's your call if you want to give your body to that kind of guy but personally I wouldn't. I'd just move on and find someone else who has more respect. This sounds like a very unhealthy set up for me.

    • Thanks! I mean I was ok with it being a casual set up but like you said I feel like he could at least reply. Most likely gonna move on like you said too

    • Yeah I get that. It's never nice to be ignored especially if it's by the guy you shared yourself with. Just move on :)

    • Thank you for MHO :)))

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  • Just give him time to reply. When he's not busy with something else, I'm pretty sure he would reply. Sometimes it takes me a while to reply in fb because I hardly use it any more. I actually do better in Skype or just a message in general on my phone than fb. Give it more time

    • Fair. I just assume most 23 year olds are on social media a lot and he would have seen it. But again it's no big deal I'll see if he gets back today
      Thanks for not assuming I'm losing sleep over this

  • If it's only been a day then I wouldn't assume too much. Don't bring it up because then you'll just look really crazy and clingy.

    • Yeah I would never bring it up lol. I mean I just wouldn't go home with him next time. Still kind of annoying that he wouldn't just reply though...

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  • I think he was banging other girls and didn't get time to read your message.

    • You sound pleasant~~
      FYI I'm not dumb and know he has all right to talk to other girls. Just found your comment to be a subtle way to make me sound oblivious. Again like I said in my disclaimer I'm not mad or upset- just wondering if he's most likely seen that I reached out

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    • He is a friend tho lol I just never went into how we knew each other. I met him a year ago

    • Definitely not a friend when he hasn't replied to your message.

  • You need to chill. You're taking this way too seriously. He'll read it when he reads it, whether that's in an hour or in a week. He has no obligation to get back to you immediately.

    • Not quite sure why asking a question isn't being chill? I'm not mad or crying about it and went about my day lol
      Just looking for some opinions.

    • Well the fact that you felt the need to ask a question about it even though it's only been a day says that you're not entirely chill about this situation.

    • It took me two minutes to ask the question... I mean if I was here trying to pull 20 meanings out of this or had sent him another message bitching at him then yeah sure but I don't feel that serious about this. I didn't think expecting a reply was taking things so serious lol

  • Wait a couple days... it's ultimately up to you to hook up with him again.
    If he was so easy/keen with you, he is probably like that with 5 other girls and that is why he hasn't replied yet.

    • Yeah I know and assume he's talking to other people. Just didn't know most people waited days for a reply back...

    • @asker I occasionally don't reply for days, some people just aren't that connected to social media or don't feel like chatting to people. Talking to one person is a lot of effort online you know! hah

  • Its only been a day. Don't conclude but wait a bit. He might not be prepared for what he feels might come from you.

  • Let him come to you next time then. Let it go and don't chase him.

    • Yeah messaging a guy first is kinda new to me... Apparently I'm taking this way too seriously and need to chill according to that one girl lol like I'm not having a hissy fit over this

  • leave him be


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