Is that a red flag when a guy brings you to his friends too early on?

If a guy is serious about getting to know you he would normally do one on one and later on bring friends into the picture.

If someone does that as early as first date and then most of time you are together you are with him and his group of friends.. is he just lazy to make time for you? Or he feels more secure to have friends to say good things about him?

Or is that because he wants to keep it light and casual to give you the false hope that he is into you and have it as fast track to your patns?


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  • Women are always over thinking, when a guy doesn't take you to meet this friends you nag them to do so. When he does that early on you think he has hidden agenda.

    IMHO no guy is gonna take a jump off to meet his friends. It just makes us look bad. He is into you, he his friends opinions. Just enjoy it and go with the flow.

    • It's just weird... ideally I think it will be better after 3 dates? taking me right after 1st date is like he doesn't even care about what I or his friends would think.

    • I don't know him so I can't comment on that. If you have doubts just take it slow

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  • It could mean that he knows what he wants, and that he's already at the stage to introduce you to his friends.

    • This sounds positive, what if he still blows hot and cold? Does that mean he is still unsure?

  • Not at all. FIRST you do the group thing (less intimate) then you do the solo thing (more intimate)

    • Right on... what if you already got physical?

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    • Some people are just more comfortable that way. Im more of a loner so I kept a small circle of friends, my father however knows everyone and everyone knows him. He would always rather be with large groups. When my mother and he dated, they went almost exclusively on double dates and to group functions.

      She laughs about it and my father is still bewildered as to how it could be any other way. To him, he was including her. To her, she wanted times with him that were inclusive. Your guy sounds more like my dad from what you have said.

    • I'm similar to you, I've choosy and have a small circle.

  • Are you evenn a relationship material


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  • I think this is a case of just asking him!
    It just comes across as a general question. You could even suggest to do something just the two of you next time you are planning something.
    Tbh, its odd because that doesn't give him a chance to touch you and take it to the next level if his friends are there. He's probably nervous or in love with his mates and doesn't know how to treat a ladyyy.

    • He did hold my hand while watching movie with his mates. that's all... when we are one on one he would hold my hand on the street. So far he initiate all contacts, i never reach out to him. then he disappeared for a week reappear and apologized..

      Not sure if he was dating someone else or playing it cool.. he then kept telling me where he is going with his friends and asked if I got any plans.. I gave him some really brief replies. he ended up saying I'm glad you are having fun, let me know if you are interested in catching up again...

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