Any experience about PUA? Guys are you do this play? GIrls are you been played by this trick? Worked or not?

I've been studying this PUA style from a dating coaches for almost a year now. And It's hard. I can now read a body language but I guess I need more experience. Since I can't just date around since I was still in college. So can you give me some experience guys if it worked? Or girls? Have u Used PUA's or have been played?


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  • Yeah... I joined the community before it became mainstream and vulgarised.

    Then I left because I thought this is the kind of things you do for 2 or 3 years but after that you gotta give it a rest because it will turn you into a fuckin robot.

    It makes lose grip of reality. You can get girls but people, including friends think you're crazy and shit.

    I say it's a good training but I would never adopt their views and mentality for the rest of my life. It's a good push. Besides priorities change with time. I couldn't care less about chicks lately. It's all about da maneeeey !

    Oh you want an example? I'll give you my best pick up session. (it wasn't great in terms of result that day, but it was still awesome and you will see why)

    I was in Paris and I was looking for hotties in the street.
    I saw a gorgeous skinny stylish blonde with a stylish but faggish looking guy next to her.
    I honestly can't remember the opener I used but she instantly asked me if I was from a famous band because of my haircut... I was like wtf but whatever. I kept talking to her about bullshit until I got interrupted by some Asian female photographer who took shots of the blonde. I was like wtf is going now?
    And then... here he came... Fuckin Kanye West popping out of the building in front of me with dozens of people. Totally Unexpected.

    Turns out I was in front of the entrance of the building hosting a big Fashion Show where Kanye was invited. Which means the chick I was picking up, was a supermodel... hence the Asian photographer.

    I didn't get her number (I really didn't give shit about her after seeing Kanye West lol) but that was a fuckin memorable day. :)


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  • you won't find much love for PUA on here. Most guys here believe that if you aren't rich, or have model looks, no amount of game can help you. it's easier to think that everything is out of your hands vs. putting in the world to improve your conversation and approaching skills.

  • wats dat, whats pua?

    • "Pick Up Artist" Trick to make a girl wants you and let her fall in love to you, for you to get her pussy

    • pick up artistry. its about training guys to get women using game/skills

    • so basically what one direction does?

  • PUA doesn't work if you're ugly.

  • Game will help you get girls 1-2+ on the SMV scale. I wouldn't use PUA tactics though, study the principles behind them.


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