Ex boyfriend reaction/action?

first let start with.. my boyfriend (now ex) used to give that "doggy" look or whatever you call it in guy's term whenever he sees someone checking me out. i think he's looking at the guy and letting the guy know his presence and to stop checking me out..

anyway, we broke up for 6 months..
i dont know if he still feels the same or idk?

because we started talking again, like we used to when were a couple.. we go out too, and then earlier when were out, he caught someone checking me out twice. he just told me watch my skirt. and he told me what he did to the guy, ..

is that a good thing? or he is just naturally territorial


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  • Territorial? Sounds like he is insecure and jealous to me.
    I never care about guys checking out my female because I'm the one that has that beautiful females attention.
    Him to be on guard just from eyes shows he is unsure of himself and weak, almost like he feels someone could snatch you away from him easily.

    • insecure or not. i know he's a jealous type, me too. thats why we broke up before because i get too jealous.
      i know its a bad idea to tell him that i turned down 3 guys when were on break tho i said none. and he admitted he flirted to other girls during the break up. but i dont think that will matter..
      i know there will always be guys checking on me, and there are girls thats trying to hit on him, he's very honest about it, he even shows me their conversation, im not threaten tho for some reason, coz he started to see me again..

      what im asking for is, im getting these kind of reactions from him and im wondering if he still feels the same even if we broken up.

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  • when u say wot he did... did he hit him?

    • the guy was looking at my ass. and he caught him, he just stare at him giving him the look, then the guy looked away, and then he caught him again looking, he stared at him again, so thats why my ex told me to watch my skirt. he didn't do anything else we have to go somewhere anyway

  • he probly feels the same


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