What do you call 'kissing'?

Ok, this is going to sound pretty dumb but, I have read a lot of things about kissing on this site and I was wondering. The word kissing, what does that mean? Is it a light peck on the cheek or lips? On the hand? Or french? Which kiss would you consider it to be your first kiss? With or without tongue? Or other.?


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  • Well "a kiss" is just that, one single peck on the lips. "kissing" is more than likely French kissing. None of that hand or cheek crap, wake up girl, this isn't kindergarten. Your first kiss is just a "kiss". Come on girlie I know you've got friends, use them.


What Girls Said 1

  • Ha! A site about kissing? Id like to read this site, what's the link? Lol Well I guess a kiss is when your lips touch, or when someones lips touch someone else anywhere on their body in general. Kissing means the act of many kisses, whether its just closed mouth kisses, open mouth kisses, necking, or Frenching as you said. Lol Uh my first kiss was not romantic at all, I was 13 and it was in a laundry room.