Girls, If a guy knew he was insecure and made a mistake in dating while having the problem would you want him to break things off?

I'm not sure if I still have my deep insecurity issues. I feel they are completely gone but what if they come back when I'm dating. I know I'm good enough but am afraid I won't feel like I am when dating. If I dont feel like I'm good enough and have huge self-esteem and insecurities should I break up with her. I feel I'd be doing her a favor. If I like her she shouldn't have to deal with those problems. If this happens, which I doubt it would , should I leave her and let her find a better guy or leave the choice up to her?


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  • I would not break up with her for that! If she is dating you/in a relationship she already likes you. And it could really crush her and hurt her. I would let her know ur fears, that way if they do come back she knows ahead of time and can help you through it. If someone loves another person enough minor flaws, uniquenesses are not going to deter them, Love is about working together and haveing that one person you know you can go to at any time in ur life high or low and feeling secure that they won't leave, will be supportive and communicate

    • What If it's only a couple months in. Here's what I would say - I think we need to break things off. I thought I was ready for a relationship but I've been really with deep self esteem and insecurity issues. You shouldn't have to worry about that you don't deserve a guy with such problems you deserve more. This is so hard for me to do but I don't want to be selfish and drag you down. Your amazing person and deserve an amazing guy. What do you think?

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    • That's awsome advice thanks 😊

    • of course

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  • If she cares about you, she will want to help you. Let her make that decision. It's not fair to leave for her benefit if it actually isn't for her benefit at all.


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