Does he really want a relationship or nah?

I recently started hanging out with an old somewhat friend from highschool and I am not too sure about him. Before the first day we hungout again he was all flirty through texts and even a little desperate to talk to me. Then when we hungout he was being really nice and WOULDN'T STOP KISSING ME! It did annoy me a little. He then said he wanted to take me on a date & that we should keep hanging out and having fun. The next day though he acted like a jerk, and even joked with his friend saying "boh" (bros over hoes) but apologized. I was so irratated with him that i actually considered going home a few times and never talking to him again. The rest of the night turned out better but i rejected sex w/ him & in the morning he said he wasn't really trying to be in a relationship but he likes me. I also found out that his friend told him stuffabout me bc i used to hookup with his otherfriend and he toldme that i should basically get over that guy. We bee n hanging out andcalling eachother a lot & it does seem like he likes me, he even told me he gets jealous af when i chill with his friends (i know for a fact) & told me to only chill with girls this weekend since hesgoing outta town. We had sex last night (i was pressured) and before we made an agreement to not fuck until were dating but earlier he said basically i was his girlfriend. Tbh i wouldn't be suprised if he used me, at least i had good sex lmao (the bright side)
He also wants to keep hanging out with me


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  • how could u take seriously some guy, who follows da code "bros over hoes"?


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  • I think the crux of your problem may be in the title. Who's to say he knows what he wants. Personally, I'm often hopeless and indecisive at the best of times.

    I will add that effective communication is key. Do talk to him about it. Bring it up in a friendly, inquisitive way or he might think you're accusing him of something and get defensive. Maybe he's just confused.


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