What does it mean when a girl says she isn't looking for anything at the moment?

We met on a online dating site, added each other on facebook and she deleted her dating profile shortly after finding something out about her ex and she is considering moving out of london.


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  • It means exactly what she says.
    She doesn't want a serious relationship because she's still dealing with the hurt from the last one.

    • So it's not me then personally? if so i may have a chance further down the line?

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    • Don't be desperate.
      She might like you.
      But would u really wait years for something uncertain?

    • I'm not being deseperate we met on a online dating site she added me on facebook and we have talked loads so their are signs she could have just said no if their weren't intrest, I'm not waiting years ill give it a month and ask again.

  • She doesn't want to have anything serious.

    • Okay so it's not a no to me as a person she just doesn't want to get close to anyone at the minute?

    • Usually when a girl says that, she is trying to tell the guy she's talking with, that she isn't interested to have anything more than friends with him.

    • She may be moving soon so would that affect her decision and she came off a bad breakup.

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  • i think hses not looking for anything at the moment lol

    • i know but we met on a online dating site where she was looking for a relationship and we talked loads

    • but that ended sorry

    • Do you reckon the fact she may be moving and is coming off a bad breakup have something to do with her reply?