Do I call / text him or just forget about it because he is not interested?

We met two weekends ago. We have talked and texted a few times on the phone over the past two weeks. I met him out last Saturday for his birthday. We also went out to dinner and watched a movie this past Wenesday. This past Thursday I texted him saying - how's ur day? He responded and we texted a few times back and forth, but I cut it short (i.e. said ok well I was just saying hi) because he didn't seem all that interested in talking (i.e. wasn't asking questions back or initiating conversation). I didn't hear from him yesterday and I didn't call/text him and now here it is Saturday and I still haven't heard anything from him at all. Should I text/call him or should I just leave it alone and let him make the next move?


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  • Sometimes, guys tend to space out calls and texts so there is more to converse about. Also, some guys don't like to talk on the phone a lot. You initiated contact so the ball is in his court. If he is interested then he will reach out to you. I would not contact him again because you don't want to be perceived as pushy or desperate. If you don't hear from him then unfortunately he wasn't interested. Should this be the circumstance, I would be glad you found out early before you developed feelings or a relationship.

    Best of luck.

  • If he isn't interested in you then at least shoot for being friends. You don't have let absolutely everything fall just cause he doesn't like you. See if he wants to go somewhere as just friends, maybe even with a group of friends. I wouldn't just leave it alone but I wouldn't put him on the spot. Text saying hey what's up. If no response then next time you go out with a few friends call and see if he wants to go. If he is so rude to not even talk to you as a friend then he isn't worth crap.