Is he thinking of me as his girlfriend? How can I tell if we're moving into more than friends?

So I have been talking to this guy for 3+ years and we've been confidants for each other the whole time. Within the past 5 months I have lost a significant amount of weight. At first, when I was single and before he became single, he'd comment on things and say that it would be nice for my next boyfriend or gain weight for my next boyfriend etc. Now he makes suggestions and I'll say who cares (or something to that effect) and he'll say well I'm just saying and he has stopped mentioning me getting a new boyfriend. He's also become more affectionate. Before, during and after sex snuggles he says love often, not that he loves me but that he loves things about me. Like I love when you do this or that. He's also inserted me into future plans for example planning to take me to the beach this summer, then he played my address number in the lotto (which I thought was cute) and said if he wins that one or any lotto he plays he'll take me on vacation, and recently I had a dream that he was waking me up and in real life I was waking up late to work and when I told him he's like you see even in your dreams I'm right there taking care of you (which was also adorable I think).

So I'm not sure what this is, if it's us moving to something closer to boyfriend/girlfriend or more like friends with benefits since we've been having sex regularly for the past few weeks and he's only coming over for light conversation and sex (even though we have sex for 4-5 hours) but we talk everyday? Anyway, I'm ENORMOUSLY confused.


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  • Sounds more like friends with benefits.

    • Does to me too... oh well.

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  • playing yer address # in lotto... i'd assume mostly, he considers u a lucky individual as well LOL

    yeah this one wid beach... might b a clear sign he likes u ;)


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  • Ask him on an official date and find out! :D

    • Kinda nervous to be rejected cause I'm really thinking it's a friends with benefits thing.

    • Yes but if you get rejected you know it wasn't meant to be. The sooner you do this the less time you can waste on this guy if he doesn't feel the same. He most likely does though and is also probably nervous like you.

    • Good point!

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