Why did I quit liking a guy after we started dating? I used to be excited to see and talk to him before, but now I'm not. Do I have commitment issues?

We used to date last year and we ended up breaking up after a month or so. We were still friends and talked here and there. It wasn't a bad break up. Some time went by and we started talking again and hanging out with each other more and more. Eventually, we became sexually active and began wanting to see each other all the time. He asked me to prom with me so we went and after, he asked me out. I was happy and really liked him before we were a couple, and couldn't wait to hear from him. Now when he calls or texts, I ignore it and I don't know why? Do I break up with him? Or do I tell him how I feel and ask if we can go back to the way it was before?

  • Tell him how I feel & ask to still see each other
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  • Break up with him because I might have issues
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By the way, this is a question that my daughter (who is 16) asked me and I have absolutely no idea what to say or how to answer her. Hence, asking people who might have been through it themselves.


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  • Sounds like the magic just isn't there, and your heart isn't in it.


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  • Your not ready for relationship/ the chemistry isn't there
    with you for him / you two had sex too soon and your feeling
    guilty about it maybe he talked you into it too soon
    I say break up with him and move on with life
    you have commitment issues and your not ready
    to settle down with him i think you should wait to
    that certain guy comes along who will really have
    your heart, it hurts cause he could be a guy who thinks
    well she had me, we had sex real soon now she's going
    to do the same thing with all guys and no offense but sad
    if you only wanted to lose your virginity or just wanted sex
    from the relationship.

    • Please let me know if I'm wrong, i am willing to be put in my place
      I'm no way judging you or meaning to offend you :) :D

    • No, I absolutely appreciate your opinion. Like I said earlier, this was a question my 16 year old asked me and I flat out had no idea how to answer her. Sex wasn't the issue (although, this momma isn't happy about the whole my kid being violated by some boy, part) she was having. From what she tells me, it was the label, "girlfriend." I don't think she needs to even mess with boys or girls. She's had the same issue with an ex girlfriend, too.

      In the end, she broke it off & they're still friends. She's got the rest of her life to be unhappy. Live it up until it's your turn to preach to the choir.

    • Well your welcome i hope my advice helped some
      it's hard cause i want be proper and kind when helping
      people out i know everyone has a heart and life's way
      too short but wish you all good luck on this matter :D

  • I say you do know why you ignore him

  • Want what you can't have... now you've got it, it's boring.


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  • People tend to want and like what they can't or don't have. after u broke up with him, u didn't have him, and when he asked u out, u we're happy and had feelings for hi a gain. Now that I have him tho, u might have lost interest in him. This is what I thought of when i read yr question, but it really depends on the situation. Hope I helped! :)

    • This question was from my daughter who is sixteen years old. I needed a platform to base my answers to her, on. I feel like she was just under a lot of pressure because she sets her expectations too high. She expects too much of herself and the result is her "losing" any interest she had before, in the boy. Her overwhelmed feeling of making mistakes and hurting him, conflicted with her ability to enjoy the time she spends with him. She's just a very complex thinker and tends to mindfu¬©k things like this.

    • Oh, and with my help with words and being able to soften the blow, she broke things off with him and left it up to him if they can still hang out and take things slower.

  • Break up with him.

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