People who have experienced a rebound- advice please?

I was with my ex for a few years and I thought we were going to get married one day
we broke up a couple of months ago and I was devastated
then I started talking to a guy. I kind of had a crush on him before but it was mostly just physical attraction
after seeing him only a few times, it's like my feelings for my ex completely transferred to him. Weird I know.
I don't know if I'm infatuated or actually in love, but I have no feelings for my ex anymore to the point where I'm fine being friends
The problem is this guy isn't looking for anything serious
I don't even know if my feelings are real but it's been a couple of months. Is there a way I can snap out of it? Should I keep seeing him and eventually get hurt? Try to stop seeing him completely?


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  • He doesn't love you and told you where you stand in his life. You love him and cling onto him because this relationship is the prefect way to forget about the pain of losing the previous one where you had plans and a possible future together. You don't have that with this guy and when you finally break up you will be alone with the bad feelings again. This is the problem with rebound, you skip the healing part after the break up and jump in a bad relationship, and when it's over it hits you harder.

    • The worst thing is I know there's a 99% chance it will end with me getting hurt even if I walk away now :(
      Not sure if I should live a little and keep seeing him and see what happens or gradually stop seeing him

    • The sooner you leave the sooner the healing begins. The more you stay the harder it will be to leave.

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  • Don't do rebounding if you have a heart. That simple.

    • You clearly jumped to judging and didn't read it properly...
      He's not looking for anything serious.

    • Sorry should have mentioned i didn't read description, i rarely do.

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