Is he flirting with me?

So if a guy has been in a long term relationship for a long time and becomes single, is it hard for him to go back out there and flirt?

I've been interested in this one guy but i dont think his flirting skills are good.. like i flirt and he doesn't understand it, so we go on having a casual conversation that goes like this " my neighbors are having a party and i can't fall asleep because of the noise, come and kick them out with your realtor skills" and he replies i can come by and kick them out with my security outfir- because he works as a security man at my mall.. and than he says "im going to bed now, let me know if they are still making noises, i can come and hold you in my arms";)
i wasn't prepared for that haha that reply


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  • yeah... if he's been in a relationship, like for 5 years... sure he'd have a hard time gettin over her :)

    • I dont know how long he was in a rel but from my fcb stalking from 2011-2014

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