Is it possible to turn a hookup into a relationship?

So, I've been on a date with this guy, we had drunkenly made out at a party and he asked me out a few days later. We saw each other a bit after that, but we didn't hit it off that much.

So lately we just end up kissing at parties when we're drunk. We don't talk much in between. And it doesn't go any further than kissing.

I'm freshly out of a relationship, and I'm not interested in one right now. But I'm curious to know if it's possible for a girl to shift from hookup to girlfriend in these sorts of situations. Can a guy see her as more than just a flirt at this point, or is she in the "hookup" category for good?


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  • Yes! My ex was a hook up several times haha
    I think he realised I wasn't easy and wasn't the type going around hooking up with everyone
    So when he got to know me as a friend and realised I was a nice girl he asked me on a date

    So I'd advise to just be yourself, make him work for it a bit, and even being forward and asking him out yourself

    • How did you show him you weren't easy while still hooking up with him several times? :) That's what I'm most curious about.

    • Not sure... I guess because I didn't sleep with him and he knew he was the only person i had hooked up with.
      Come to think of it, and I'm not even kidding, I've had 4 boyfriends- one of them long term (4 years) and I met all of them at a club and we hooked up the night we met

      The long term one was the one I told you about
      Maybe talking to him and getting to know each other in a friendly/casual way helps- then you're not just the girl he hooked up with you're that cute girl he's talking to 😊

    • Wow okay! I see what you mean.
      Usually in those cases the guy isn't even interested in getting to know each other.

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  • eh, if u try enough, altho id hate that to be the story of the way i fell in love.

  • Very possible.
    I've had several of my hook ups fall for me in that way and want more.

    • Wow okay! I wasn't expecting so many positive answers.

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