Is it asking too much?

Hi everyone. Feedback would be much appreciated.

So I met this guy online back in February . He's 27, got a great job, motivated and hard-working. We started texting, then phonecalls, then a date. We really hit it off--great chemistry. A few weeks later after meeting, he drove up and visited me at school. Another fantastic time spent together. Unfortunately, those are the only two times we spent together to this date, because he travels for work and is in the military (reserves). At the moment, he won't be back until late July due to a training course. Obviously this is all just really bad timing with the training course, and we would have seen each other more had it not had to happen.

He sent me graduation flowers (just graduated from my university), keeps in touch with phonecalls, facetime, texting, etc regularly, even after I had expressed great doubt in us "working", despite me wanting to. I asked him before about exclusivity, and he was unsure due to not having been together much, and I basically (and probably unfairly) made him choose yes or no, which he opted to choose yes. But it's just been quite a while and emotional effort so far of keeping in touch, and I feel like at this point, I deserve some sort of direction. Ideally, I'd like more of a commitment, but I do understand that asking for a label could be too much.

I don't know what to. I truly like the guy. He's been so understanding, he's mild-mannered, polite, and unlike any guy I've talked to in the past. I'm so afraid that this waiting and effort will all be for nothing in the end, though he's not given me reason to really feel that way. Am I crazy and overthinking?

Thoughts and feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much for reading :)


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  • No its not

    • You don't think it's asking too much? I mean... what about asking for a label? Just picking your brain. I don't want to scare him off, but I'm kind of needing some kind of security.

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    • You are very welcome good luck to you

    • thank you kindly :)

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  • oh well... if he's in the military commitment would b kinda hard i'ma fraid :(

    • he's in the reserves. this training course is just temporary.

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  • You're not crazy!

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