Why would he asks me out then change his mind?

Guy I'm sleeping with asked me out since I'm going away for a few months after I sent him a sexy message in Italian that he loved. I then told him it could be the last time I see him. He says I can see him before I go if I want. I agree.
A day later he sends me a message saying maybe since he has a lot of shit to do.
Asking you guys since I feel like he has some sort of control over me. I try my best to keep this healthy, but then as soon as I gain any sort of balance, he pulls this on me. Is he doing it on purporse or am I being a fool?
Thank you!
I can't wait to go abroad, but this will be on my mind so I want some clarity as you do! haha


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  • I don't see the point in asking you out since he already fucked you a few times and you're going away...
    I mean if I was asking you out it would be because I want to upgrade you from a fuck buddy to an actual girlfriend.
    But since you're going away, there is no future, so I wouldn't try to actually date you in the first place.

    So really, asking you out now... it makes no sense to me.

    • ah that makes sense...
      Cause I excited him with my message after I turned the sex tap off one night.

    • LoL I was gonna say if that's you in the profile picture, I would have definitely thought "yeah I gotta hit that one last time for sure" but if you closed the sex tap like you said... AND you can't become a girlfriend, well then there really is no point.

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  • last time?

    hmmm guess he didn't do, coz it will hurt him, seein u for da last time... it mnay be it ;)


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  • There could be multiple reasons for this. Maybe he really is busy. If he really likes you not only for your body, but what makes you you and your personality and best qualities (what's on the inside) then he'll make time for you. If he is absolutely way too busy to squeeze a little time in for you then don't make a huge deal about it. Try not to force the date on him, but ask him where and when. Just a couple small simple questions about it. Don't do it more than only a couple times because it could lead him to saying no and forgetting about it. I wish you the best!

    • Yeah good idea not forcing it.. I said he should do what he needs to do but I still want to see him. Just the way he said it was hurtful! I'm not going to hide how I feel, nothing good ever comes from mind games.
      Thank you! :)

    • You have a great mind set! Stay positive about it, but don't have any expectations you know? And anytime! :)

  • people can change their minds...