How do I know if this girl is into me and thinks it's a date vs her just thinking it's a hangout and just friends. (text messages included)?

Me: Hey (Name) this is (me). I was just texting to see if you would want to go out and get drinks or something this weekend?

Her: Hey! I'm actually not going to be around this weekend. I'm working my other job until 9 tonight and tomorrow my best friend is coming up from Georgia! What about (Restaurant/bar in our town) like next Friday?

Me: Oh nice! Well my brother's bachelor party is next weekend so I can't Friday ... what about Thursday? I usually get off work around 4:30

Her: That's fine! I have a game at 9 so any time before that

She didn't ask how I got her number or anything and just went with it. Does this mean she is into me or just thinks of me as a friend?


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  • Sounds mostly friendly. But since she's a girl, she almost definitely sees the possibility of it being a date since it's just the two of you and not a group. To be sure, you'll have to actually use the word "date" when talking with her.

    • Thanks, yeah I still have no idea. Usually when someone asks someone to "go out for drinks" I thought it always meant a date. Especially one on one and it's not like we hang out all of the time. I didn't want to possibly go in for a kiss when she thinks it's just a friend going out

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  • if you say it's a date.


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  • she didn;t show any flirty sign... so i'd say friends mostly