What did he mean by This?

So I messaged this guy and asked him for a refill (this in reference to a song) and it is basically a metaphor, so it's like i'm asking when I'm going to see him again. his response made me think he understood (he didn't). So hours later he calls me and asks me about it, I told him to research the song and listen. Anyway the next day I ask if he gets it and he says ' is the song about wanting more hmm?'.. So I asked what exactly 'hmm' was and he wouldn't say what he meant. I automatically assumed he meant sex, but we haven't done anything sexual so why would I ask for more of what I haven't had. Lol

Sorry for the confusing post. I did ask him what he meant and he didn't reply.. What do you think he meant?


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  • I don't think it meant anything


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  • you should ask him again.

    • I did. He avoided it.

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