Girls, how would expect a guy's bedroom to be decorated if he was going to bring you home from a date?

What kinds of decorations on the wall would be acceptable? Anything you wouldn't want to see on his walls?
What items do you expect to see on his night stand?
What parts of his personality or hobbies do you accept but don't think should be shown in his room?
What would turn you off if you saw it in his room?
How can he prepare his room if he knows you coming over that night?

Please give specific examples.


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  • Most girls know that your typical guy doesn't decorate. We're even impressed if everything is nice and clean. (On spot)
    I would be super impressed if I walking into a clean guys room that was incredibly decorated, though, if you decorate too much, she MAY wonder if you're gay. (I'm not trying to stereotype or anything here. I'm just saying that based on the majority of people I know, that's the conclusion they would come to)

    As for specific examples:
    Don't have condoms lying out
    Dirty clothes on the floor
    Food or drinks other than water or maybe one can of pop
    I usually expect a poster or two
    I don't enjoy seeing posters of women in guys rooms, but I know they happen so that's something I have to live with


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  • I don't have anything particular in mind and I honestly don't care as long as it doesn't look like a 13 year olds room and as long as it's clean, neat, and tidy.

    I would be turned off if I saw a bunch of video game posters or posters that just look very childish. I would also be turned off if there was a bunch of dirty messes or posters of half naked women.

    • what about posters from rock bands?

    • @Chloe-Price I don't know, I guess that would be fine.
      I don't really care about his room to be honest: it's not make it or break it. There are some things about a bedroom that can suggest other underlying personality traits that I'm not into but for the most part it's not like his bedroom absolutely has to cater to my every desire.

    • as long as he does, right? :P

  • something that matches his personality... i wouldn't like a billion pics of sports illustrated/playboy stuff on the walls
    like normal things- a lamp, book, anything really. even something that shows character!
    It's fine if it's personality/hobby stuff... i had a friend with a complete drum kit and keyboard in his bedroom haha
    And just tidy up a bit - basically don't have garbage laying around

  • Not much, just the basics. Like, hat's and other stuff.

  • If you bedroom is neat that is all we really expect.

  • All depends on age what decor is going to look like. I don't care as long as it's not a dirty room. only thing I would dislike is if posters of women are on your walls or pics of ex girlfriends.

  • I wouldn't mind the decorations. As long as the room is clean.