Is a Good Guys Even Allowed to Date Casually?

I'm a guy who likes to casually date different people in the search for the right person to be with, just like many others I'm sure.

When I date a woman, I treat her like a queen. I respect her and I do anything within my ability to satisfy her needs.

I am always forthcoming and upfront about what I want and I would never waste anybody's time by dating someone that I couldn't possibly see a future with.

It might sound silly, but my problem is that I can't seem to date anyone who doesn't inevitably want me to become their long term boyfriend. Even if when I met them they told me they wanted to date but nothing serious, after a few weeks they always want me to become exclusive with them.

I dont wish to hurt anybody or break anyone's heart because I know how that feels. It just seems as if I'm not allowed to date anyone because I'm nice.

I've even acted like a jerk to stave off attachments, but this really just doesn't go along with my personality and I don't want to bee that kind of guy even if it's just an act.

Some women have even become hostile towards me for not agreeing with their newfound desire to change the initial arrangement of our relationship.

I think it's really unfair that good guys get castigated while other guys can do whatever they want because that's what's expected. I think this is the reason that a lot of good guys become the bad ones. Because they weren't allowed to be good.

Any thoughts?


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  • I don't think a good guy isn't allowed to do casual dating. The problem you have is that, because you are a good guy, after dating you for a while, girls see you as boyfriend material and want more. That's just how we are. I don't really know what you can do about it, sorry... I mean it's legal for a girl to change her mind, but they can't blame you if you don't change yours.

    I am just wondering, you say you're in search for the right person, so why would being exclusive be so horrible for you? If you're dating someone for a while and don't wanna be exclusive, doesn't that mean she's not the right person for you? And should you then not break things off and continue your search for the right person, if that's truly what you are looking for?


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  • i think they are.


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  • yes... being bad/good doesn't matter actually... CS isn't evil :)

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