Do you feel like you go on too many first dates that lead to nowhere?

So I've been using dating sites for 4 years now and I hate to say this but I've gone on 30+ first dates, last year I had at least 10, and none of them led to anything serious. The most I've gotten is 3-4 dates.

Sounds great that I can get that many women right? Nope, it actually kinda sucks and I don't understand why guys brag about the amount of women they get. I don't even get laid with a lot of them, not that it's my goal or intention to just find a hookup but my point is it's like I can attract a lot of women initially but never finish.

What's even worse is, even after a lot of my first and second dates with women saying thanks for the good time, drinks, etc and they'll suggest another date but then a day or two later when I text them, I get ignored with no explanation or an explanation saying sorry I just don't feel it or other excuses. Makes me feel like an idiot.

Now on the flip side of that, there have been some girls that have wanted to keep seeing me but it's either one of two scenarios they have a great personality but I have no physical attraction to them (their dating site pictures were very misleading) or they are physically attractive but can't carry a conversation to save their life and I feel like I'm interviewing them. Now while I eventually want a relationship in the long run, I'm not desperate for a relationship. Every first date I have, I don't automatically think oh this girl is gonna be my girlfriend because she's showing signs of interest or anything. There have been multiple cases where I'll date girls I'm not entirely sure I wanna be in a relationship with but open to keep seeing each other and seeing where it goes.

Regarding the other ones, and I'm not trying to say it's just their issue and not mine, it's like I don't know if I'm saying something that turns them off, if there's something very wrong with my personality that they find weird or creepy, my demeanor, or if I'm showing too much in


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  • yeah it happens.

    • Good to know I'm not alone, but still I've never been in a relationship and I would never advertise this to a woman I date, at least early on.

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  • dude... don't u think it's a waste of time actually? being on such dates, and waste yer time n money? ;)

    • Yeah I do feel like that at a point, but at the same time I don't ascribe to that whole wait for the women, she'll come to you. Sometimes if you don't try, nothing will happen either. It's a slippery slope.

  • Yes. Probably, yes anyway.