How do I sexually escalate with this old friend from high school?

She was best friends with me in high school while I was this awkward little pasty white kid. Some shit went down and I ended up cutting her out of my life. She honestly had like a mental breakdown. we didn't talk for years.. she went of to college dated a couple guys. She's done with college now and we recently started rekindling. we hooked up one time in high school and it was awkward lmao. obviously 5 years late things are a bit different. I'm a confident outgoing guy with experience now. I can tell she's attracted to me. She will hit me up like twice a week sometimes just to talk or tell me a story. Anyways she's got a lot of guy friends and I know she goes out very social. I don't really care I'm just enjoying being single not looking for a relationship. She said the same. She said get drunk wirh me today was getting good vibes but I didn't escalate anything. I really do like her as a person we vibe great but I feel like if I don't make a move I'll be friend zoned with no sex. How should I go about this the next time we hang out. I know she still holds a lot of resentment towards me leaving her like that should I open up and apologize get her on that emotional level?


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  • So you're attempting to use a mentally unstable woman for sex? This won't end well.

    • She's far from unstable maybe back then but she's a strong girl. Much more than I'm used to. Used to girls being submissive around me. This one is more challenging. No mind games either.. guys just can't go up to a girl they like say I like you and want to have sex with you. There's a game that has to be played for men to be successful with woman and when he gets her is when he can be real and open up. you gatta understand that.

    • So you never actually denied that you are attempting to use her for sex. Gotcha. If she had a mental breakdown in the last few years it's wrong for you to play with her feelings like that. Perhaps she's challenging because she doesn't want to be used for sex like most submissive girls are

    • I'm not using her for sex. I'm attempting to create a fun going relationship with her that doesn't include a comitted relationship. Her mental breakdown was 5 years ago..

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  • you should apologize.

    • Next time I see her should I just bring it up out of the blue?

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  • who wait... first of all do u know if she's single?

    • Yes I said that above. She's single not looking for a relationship.

    • then do it :)

  • You should apologize and tell her you have feelings for her.

    • I don't think I do have strong enough feelings and it's way 2 damn early. I want to have sex with her. Let it then flow together. Don't call me a dog for saying that lol. what I've learned is woman open up a lot more emotionally when they are sexually active with that person.

    • Oh okay well just try kissing her, you can apologize before or after it's your call.

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