Should I run or stay and try?

So met a guy online through pof. He's really funny and we get along really well. Only like a few things worry me. He smokes like 5 times a day and I have 2 small kids and I don't want them around that. Also he's younger then me. I'm 27 he's 24.
Besides those two things we are fine. But we have jus been talking and hanging out. So today I talked to him and he commented on the fact that my pof account was still up. I'm like yeah so is yours, all of a sudden he was very short with when u asked what's wrong he said nothing. And said he had to go and hung up. I txted him like wth I can't fix the problem if you won't talk to me. He's goes your still on there looking so go look... so I tell him to calm down and I'll delete if he wants but that he never said anything about deleting it and his is up. He doesn't respond so I continue to text him and I'm feeling guilty for i don't know what. And finally he calls and acts like nothing is wrong and is like delete it.. so I go are we dating? He says we are jus trying this out. . we are dating but not boyfriend and girlfriend.. so i'm jus like ok... and he continues about his day.
Once this is all done I have a sick feeling about this. I don't know why but I don't know if I can go through with him because of how he acted... I feel like my ex did stuff like that... kinda silent guilt trip me.. and I don't want a repeat... am i jus being crazy? Or is this a sign of a manipulative type of guy?

What should I do. Any ideas?


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  • Wow. He sounds very insecure. That tells me to run.

    1) He assumed that you were still searching for people. I don't like when people make dumbass-umptions.

    2) His account was still up and yet he chose to get angry at YOU because yours is?

    3) His not responding may be a coping mechanism for him but it's still childish to me. It's rude to do that (any gender) so he should at least tell you that he wants a little space to think about.

    4) He pretends nothing is wrong? That doesn't bode well for a future. What happens if something more serious comes about? Unclear communication can be the death for many relationships.

    5) He's telling you to delete it--even though you didn't tell him to do the same--and yet you two aren't exclusive? Contradiction. If you're not exclusive, you're free to see other people (unless if you two made it clear that though you aren't exclusive, you are only seeing each other).

    No. You're not crazy. He does seem a bit manipulative, insecure, and immature. I would dump him. You have two kids to take care of. I doubt you want a 24 year old one.

    • True. He did say he'd delete his. But we never said anything about being exclusive. At one point I asked him what we were doing as in us. And he said we are still just getting to know each other. That was the point I thought that conversation would lead to. an exclusive title. at least but he was like just getting to know each other more

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  • Clear to see you don't read the good book. You will repeat meeting and falling for men who treat you like crap until you change your ways.

    The fact that he got mad for no reason or you still have an ad up makes him have a mental problem. The fact that he smokes says he is a follower and not a leader, he can be sold on any broken ideal or concept.

    Old boy has mental problems and you know it. Put an end to it before the idiot get a full charge and wants to come after you.

    • Been reading the good book. Kinds jus started back up and i think that's one of the only reasons I kinda picked up on this lol red flag

    • Run away from him as fast as you can and get your ad back up.

  • no no... he's not da same person wid X... so no... better give him a chance and she how will it go :)

    • I know that but him doing the same thing as my ex so early in the game worries me

  • Run. Run far far away.


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  • You should run NOW!

    • You think? Kinda agree.. reasons?