Dating advice please?

So i went out tonight with this guy! Who I REALLY LIKE... and I'm pretty sure he likes me! Because we've been talking non stop since! He was straight up front with me and told me he was bi-polar... I told my family and they were telling me to stay away! I don't know what to do! They said he could snap on me in a second... which I guess is true! But, could someone give me some advice on dating someone who is bi-polar? I've tried to google it but... I just need to know what to expect what should I do or NOT do?


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  • ... I'm actually Bi Polar myself. He will have two moods which are called Manic and Depression. During Manic, he will be overly happy, enthusiastic, energetic, and feel as though he is on top of the world. During Depression, he will be tired, sad, moody, and may lash out at times. There are times where he is neither, and he will be his normal self (which is most of the time), but he will change between moods at least a few times a day. In order to cope with his mood swings, you have to get to know him well enough to be able to tell wether he is on Manic, Depression, or neither, and you will have to change your own attitude and the way you treat him accordingly. When he is on neither, just be yourself. When he is on Manic, be calm and gentle, and try to keep him calm and collected and from getting to... Excited, because he may act odd or make rash decisions when he is overly happy. When he is in Depression, be optimistic and soothing. Be supportive if him, and extra careful not to upset his feelings- or his sadness may either turn into even worse depression or anger. Try to stay light hearted around him, and do things that you think will make him feel happy and at ease.

    Good luck :)

    • Okay! Thank you! Is there away to overbaring?

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    • By being rude, harsh, inconsiderate, insensitive, telling him to "get over it", or just ignoring him instead of being supportive.

    • Oh gosh! I would never tell someone to get over it! That's so mean! I hate when people tell me that.

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  • uh-oh... if he's bipolar then thing r gonna b difficult... better not :/

    • But, how... and why? What could be so wrong? Couldn't I be there for him?

    • it's diffcult 2 date such a person... even wid meds still it might b kinda tough

    • judgin from people sayins here ;)

  • He's bipolar? Oh fuck that.


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  • As long as he is taking his medication, everything should be fine. And it's not that they "snap". They go through a short period of "mania" where they're happy, energetic, on top of the world... and then they go through a long period of depression. There isn't any "snapping" really unless if he is one of those people who is curt with others when he's depressed.

    If you really like him and he's on medication, I would tell you to go for it.

  • I don't know he may hug you or strangle you

  • Oh god... You should really stay away...