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I'm feeling depressed about a relationship I'm going into, its not him, it's me, like nothing seems to make me happy anymore, and it's hard for him to crack a smile on my face anymore. I'm not the same girl I was when I met him... I don't know.. I just need help to figure out what's wrong... I need someone I can talk to. I know I can talk to my boyfriend about it but I don't want it to rub off on him, he loves me, but I don't seem to show it back, I'm happy with the relationship, I guess I am not happy with myself, and I feel like its tearing us apart and I don't want that to happen cos' with him, I'm deada** I will go insane, because he's been there when I lost loved ones, friends, people period, he was always there, he is my shoulder to lean on, but I think with me being like this, he hardly wants to spend time with me, see me, text me, or even look at me... I don't know what to do... HELP?


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  • Perhaps you do not feel like you deserve him? If you feel this way, it is probably not true, as his actions clearly indicate his love for you or at least his strong sense of caring for you. Perhaps he is acting like this because he feels the relationship is dying. But, he has not left. You should have a talk with him and tell him how much he means to you. Perhaps you also have depression, as what you describe sound similar to it. I feel that you should visit a counselor too. It really helps to be able to talk about it with someone else. Finding the right counselor helped me get things off my chest.

    • I'm sorry-- I just read that you said visiting counselors don't seem to work. Whenever you feel like you're spiraling downwards, distract yourself from it. Just stop yourself from thinking about it, and do something that makes you feel happy or accomplished. If you can't think of anything, exercise.

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    • Maybe you can exercise with him!

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  • Can you see a counselor?

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