What if you don't like your first kiss?

There's a guy... He's really cute. When he talks to me and generally he is a great guy.
The thing is that I didn;t like our first kiss. I mean, he kissed me and not only I felt nothing but I also didn't like it.
I wasn't even happy about it. As if nothing special happened.
Is this very bad? Are there any chances it will seem better after some time?


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  • First kiss isn't as important as a lot of people make it out to be. If you like being around him, then that is a great start. If he likewise cares for your company, awesome. As long as you are honest and open in communication, you can work the rest of the details out. I remember a girlfriend at university who was super ticklish in certain places, so I had to be careful or it would ruin the mood. If your kiss wasn't what you'd like it to be, I suggest patience. There may well be lots of time to get it right. And the practice is half the fun. ;)

  • I loved it


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