Date tonight? But I also have a potential concern with her?

So I've got a date with this girl that I met the other night, tonight. here's what happened, so we added each other on facebook, maybe because of my universities love confesson page, but we never talked. well anyways, the other night she posted on facebook that she wanted help moving/cleaning, and because I was bored, and not doing anything, I offered to help her. And I went there and helped, and afterwards, she asks me if I wanted to get coffee with her sometime, so we ended up exchanging phone numbers, well I texted her on Friday , asking her what she was doing on Sunday, and then I set up a date, here's what I have planned, I'm going ot pick her up at 4:45pm, and we are going to go to dinner at a local Italian resturant, after dinner, we are going to see "The Age of Adaline" at the movie thearter, because that is the only romantic movie playing near me. Also she doesn't know any of this, becuase I told her that I'd be planning it all. Do you think that's a good date idea?

But there is one consern that I have... While cleaning her place, there was a hollowed out book, and I think there was, at least waht looked to me, like an apple, which some people use apples to smoke pot out of. And nothing against her, but me dating a pot smoker (or any type of smoker for that matter) is just something that I would never do, nor would my family approve of. I don't really care what my family thinks, I just personally would never date a smoker. How do Ifound out if she actually smokes pot or not? she's also an art major at my university, so that my increase the chances that she may smoket pot, but so far, I have not noticed any other signs of her smoking pot, so that's good.


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  • That's great.

  • My recommendations: Skip the movie... not a good idea for a first date, since you can't talk to each other. Just get to know each other over dinner. Give her the benefit of the doubt until you know for sure that she's a pothead. And quite frankly, it may just be a phase. Every friend I have, both male and female, tried pot in college. I'm the only person in my social circle who didn't try it. And none of them has smoked anything since then.