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OK so I'm engaged to my fiancée. His patents want to go on a family vacation in August and leave me out. I think that's nuts I am about to marry this man and be part of the family but you are going to leave me out of a family vacation. Like what. My fiance agrees it is ridiculous considering we are about to start out lives together and being engaged to him I am family. I have been with him 4 years and I'm close with his family its not like we have been dating 6 months or something. My fiance said he is going to talk to his parents one more time and if they don't let me go then he isn't going and his mom was like I can't believe you are choosing your fiance over your family. And he was like no I'm not choosing my fiance over family she is my family and you guys are the ones forcing me to choose by not allowing a member of my family to come. Of course I'm going to stick by my fisnces side. Thoughts?

Not to mention his mom is acting all crazy pants by saying I can't believe you are choosing your fiance over family. As if my guy wouldn't consider me family.


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  • personally i;'d choose my fiancee if i was in love :)

    • Yes thank you!! That's what he is doing. I'm not the one making him choose his parents are by being rude and now allowing a grown adult to take the woman he is going to marry along on vacation
      I think it is pretty weird anyways to take a vacation with siblings and mommy and daddy and leave behind your adult partner because once you grow up and start a life of your own you tend to see your partner as your family and you kinds stem away from the family of origin

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  • Well, maybe they figure this is the last time they will ever get to have him to themselves without you constantly around.

    • Wow that was rude without me constsntly around. You are assuming that just because we aren't married means I don't go with him to family things. I always go with him to family functions and family dinners. Hell I get his mom mother day gifts and bday gifts every year. Pretty sure I'm family by now and they love me pretty sure they don't see me as just someone "who is constantly around" pretty rude to assume that. Since they love me and see me as family I am confused as to why all of a sudden I am being snubbed

    • Don't ask people questions if you don't want an answer dip shit.

  • You should give some space to him and his family, They will not take you everywhere with them.

    • But I am about to marry this man they should be getting used to me being a part of the family and since I'm close to them and engaged to him I should be part of that family.. it is rude to leave out a fiance. If we have been like dating 6 months or something j would totally get it. Did you even read my whole post I said my fiance is agreeing with me so its not that I'm not letting him but OK. I am his family now

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    • Marriage is not about just a piece of paper. Some people are different. Your guy and his family is not your aunt and uncle's family. They are different. They may not feeling so much connected with you as you do with them. May be they don't consider you a family member as yet. Please be patient and talk to his parents politely and tell them that you also wanted to go on holiday with them. I am sure they will always take you with them when they go on a holiday next time.

    • Trust me they feel connected with me just based on all the examples I gave. I like your idea though of talking it over nicely with his parents. Maybe I'll say something to the effect of hey I really like and care about you guys I see you guys as family. I would really love to join you guys for holiday. Maybe I'll ask if there is something I did to offend them because I was a little hurt that I wasn't invited as his fiance. I think being open and honest with them is the key

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  • Well let him go.. it's just a vacation! his feelings towards you won't change.

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