My girlfriend doesn't like my religion, what should I do?

I am willing to convert to her religion but that doesn't seem good enough it seems that she wants a guy who was born into the religion. Her parents also think the same way. I asked her if she thinks well be together in the future and she said that I don't know the future but I'm planning to date someone with my religion. I think she doesn't have hope for us and is just dating me just because.


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  • First of all, any person man or woman that expects you to convert to their religion doesn't love you or care for you. Religion by definition is based on choice . . .you choosing to do so is your business.

    If she's saying right now that she expects to date someone "within" the religion then, yes she is most likely expecting to marry someone is a cradle born whatever. What religion is she?

    • Shes jewish I'm agnostic my parents are Christian though

    • Hmm . . .there isn't anything strongly controversial in the area of needing to be a cradleborn to marry in. Sounds to me like she seriously is just using her religion as a barrier to push you away.

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  • I'd say to break it off with her. I think your willingness to change religions is a nice compromise to overcome obstacles between the two of you. However, she seems to be creating more barriers to distance herself from you.

    • Well I talked to her about it and she said that I think she's a liar and stuff

  • Dude don't change your religion just for her. You need to be an individual not someone who bows down and gives up their beliefs to a girl. Actually it seems that she's being too picky saying you need to be BORN into it. I'd break it off this can only spell trouble later on.

    • Well I don't really care about the religion I care more about the fact that it seems she doesn't hope for us together in the future because of it

    • Yea like I said she's being to picky saying you need to be BORN into it. That seems to me as selfish. And if it matters that much I don't think she truly loves you.

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