Would it be wrong to start talking to other guys if your guy hasn't talked/responded to you in over a month?

I mean, are you really still together if there is no communication for like 6 weeks and he sort of just... disappeared? Yes, I tried texting and calling a few times, but got no response. Last message I said if I didn't hear from him anymore, then I'm assuming we are over and moving on. Everything was fine then one day he just vanished. Well... I saw him online, but he didn't respond.

Would it be wrong to start talking with other men? Not doing anything but talking and light flirting, nothing physical.
I have several guys interested in me (I'm not trying to brag), but I feel it's about time to move on and try to be happy with someone else. One friend said she'd think that was cheating... is it?


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  • I'm pretty sure that's him dumping you in the most cowardly way possible OR he could be going through depression. Have there been any major changes prior to his vanishing? Does he still talk with other people or has he closed himself off completely?

    • Yeah, that's what I was thinking as well, that it was his way of ending things by disappearing.
      No, things were going really well. We've known each other for years and were planning on going on a mini road trip vacation next month.
      I saw he posts on facebook and talks to people there. I did send him a message there, says he read it an hour after I sent it (which was two weeks ago) but no response there either. He's posting jokes and goofing off with friends, even in tagged photos.

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    • Aww thanks 😊!!

    • No prob, thank you!

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  • Send him a text saying that you are breaking up first. Then do as you please. Even if he doesn't read the message, you sent it, so its not cheating because you are broken up.

    • I guess so, and I think that's what Klaatu51 meant too oops. Lol, thanks will do!

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    • Then he is just bein a dick. Better break up with him and find happiness elsewhere.

    • Yeah, I believe you're right. :/

  • not bad... although u should ask 4 a break-up first better :)

    • But he won't answer me at all... I don't over text, it was weeks before I sent another. But it's going on 7 weeks with nothing. :/

    • then forget him better :)

    • Probably, lol thank you :)

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  • Just show up at his house and officially break up with him. That way there's no question.
    My boyfriend had to do that so that we could date. His ex girlfriend just up and quit talking to him as well. Personally, I think it's pathetic. If you want nothing more to do with them, at least have the decency to end it.

    • I would, but he lives in a gated area and I can't get in. I agree, just say you are done and make a clean break instead of disappearing. I've known him for years and he's never done this. I said in the text that if he didn't respond, I'm moving on... so guess that's his way of "responding". :/

  • Girl that's not cheating lol.

    • I mean, if he doesn't respond to the "I'm moving on" message, I wouldn't consider it cheating either honestly.