How do you get a person's attention when dating online?

What have you done? any advice on this? is it my bad breath? lol..j/k


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  • Rule #1: Don't bash yourself ("is it my bad breath?")

    Rule #2: Don't worry, be a man and confident

    Rule #3: Be interesting (Funny, intelligent, etc)

    Rule #4: Have other options (Don't put all your apples in the basket of just one girl, women enjoy having to chase a little, but want to know they are getting somewhere- they like competition equally like men)

    Don't browse M.s. or F.B. looking for hot individuals, talk with everyone - you are there to socialize. Never spend so much time on the computer that you can answer to their every comment / question. If you don't like what they had to say and don't want to give an answer- don't. Blah blah blah.

    Be yourself man, do you want to be pushed around by women? Obivously you dont! You are there solely to get to know some individuals and hopefully hang out with a few of them. If some of these chicks are throwing out red-flags like "Hey I see your talking to this girl, it's done" don't bother responding, just delete them, you don't need to be targeted as a human-punching bag because of their own insecurities.

    "You're quite attractive, how are you today" <-- A compliment and you are probing them for information other than a simple question.

    "Hey, I saw your page at __ and would like to say hi"

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  • yea. id advise brushing before typing. girls can sence it an entire website away. lol. just talk. I've met good friends this way. ask about her (nothing too personal) maybe what she does for a living or what she wants to do after college...stuff like that I guess. oh and you should probly mention that ur single.. that helps too! =)